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About Our Candles


Each candle is handmade taking 3 or more days to complete. Our candles are made from a unique blend of Bees, Vegetable and paraffin waxes and mineral oil. To this proprietary base blend we add the color and fragrance, if you desire, of your choice. Wax, being a natural product, reacts differently when mixed with different color dyes and fragrances. The end result is that no two candles are alike. Our candles tend to have a look that resembles Marble or Granite with varying shades of the chosen color. .

Designed For Use

Have you ever bought a candle that wouldn't burn well because the wick was to small and fell into the wax pool? Or had a candle that the wick burned so short that you could no longer light the candle? Or, how about a candle that burned lopsided and allowed the hot wax to flow onto your floors or table creating a mess that was difficult if not impossible to clean up? Not only does a poorly designed candle make a mess, but they can be dangerous.If you're like us, and you want a candle to burn properly, you'll appreciate our giant candles even more. We manufacture multi-wick candles that burn beautifully. Although our candles are not totally fool proof, they are as close as we can possibly make them. We have safely burned our candles for 12 hours and more without any problem.

Beauty, Elegance & Functionality

Our goal is that the giant candle you design for yourself will provide you with the finest candle experience you've ever had. Our candles combine beauty and elegance with functionality in the scent and color that will perfectly compliment your home. No where else will you find large candles that are as beautiful and as well constructed. One reason is that large candles are more difficult to make. It has taken us years to develop the formula & process that emables us to create the beautiful candles we make today.

Burning Time

We often get asked the question "What is the burn time of this candle?" To answer this question we will give you a good rule of thumb to go by. Most pillar candles from any quality company will burn at a rate of about one pound of wax consumed every 60 to 70 hours. The difference being the size of the wick used. Smaller size wicks will consume less than a larger size wick. Other factors such as: how long you let it burn each time you light it, the temperature of your house, what fragrance you choose, etc. will all effect the burn time. Below we have listed the burn times of some of our candles. They are approximate and may be more or less than stated depending on the above factors mentioned. To achieve the greatest burn time we suggest that you never burn your giant candle for less than 1 hour at a time. Ideally, you want to create a full melt pool each time you light it before putting it out. Burning your candle often for short time durations will cause it to burn in a way that leaves a larger portion of the wax unused.

  Size Burn time
  8" Rd x 5" Ht 510 hours
  8" Rd x 10" Ht 1020 hours
  10" Rd x 5" Ht 760 hours
  10" Rd x 10" Ht 1520 hours
  7" Sq x 5" Ht 480 hours
  7" Sq x 10" Ht 960 hours
  10" Sq x 5" Ht 1020 hours
  10" Sq x 10" Ht 2040 hours

Need A Candle ASAP?

Are you looking for a candle to give to someone special as a gift? Our giant candles make the perfect gift for anyone who loves candles. We have a limited selection of candles that we keep on hand for immediate purchase, just in case this is a last minute decision and you need it right away.

Proper Care & Safety

1. Locate your candle where it will be free from drafts that will cause uneven burning.
2. Trim the wick on your giant candle to 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. Never trim the wick shorter than this. It will cause your candle to burn improperly.
3. Burn your candle long enough to allow a full melt pool to form each time you light it. This will be between 2 and 5 hours depending on which candle you purchase.
4. For safety, Never leave a candle burning unattended and always place your candle in a location where there is nothing flammable or meltable directly above, or in the surrounding area above your candle.
5. You assume full responsibility for damage caused by a candle regardless of the reason.
6. Always use a heat resistant holder on a stable surface.
7. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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