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Order Candles for Christmas!

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Happy Holidays from all of us here at Giant Candle Company!

Christmas Candles

Halloween Candles – Orange Pillar Candles

orange pillar candle halloween candle

Orange pillar candles are a sophisticated compliment to your Halloween decor. Dress your pillar candles up with props from your local craft store for extra pizzaz (this fine faux owl is an excellent choice.)

Pillar Candle of the Week: Magenta 4″ Round x 7.5″ Tall

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One of our favorite colors here at Giant Candle Co. – Magenta. What scent would you choose for your magenta pillar candles?

Pillar Candles For Weddings & Unity Candles

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To plan a wedding is a lot of work. Even with the help from family, friends, and an event planner there is so much to to do. We here at would like to make things a bit easier on you. Our custom made pillar candles make for both beautiful and affordable table decorations. Not to mention lasting reminders of your special day. With 53 colors to choose from it will be easy to find one or more colors to enhance your tables and decor. We also make unity candles and specialize in multi-wick candles for your special wedding ceremony. Perfect for you and your groom as well as your newly blended family.

We have been lucky to work with some of the top wedding and event planners. We have chosen a few of our favorite events that we have had the pleasure of making candles for. Hopefully you can get an idea of what we do from these photos. If you like what you see we hope that you will allow us the pleasure of creating beautiful pillar candles for your special day!

large candles for weddings

big candles for weddings

Set The Mood With Custom Candles For A Romantic Valentine Evening!

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Let’s face it, going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day can be both expensive and a headache. Most nice restaurants require reservations made weeks in advance and often offer only pre-fixed dinners at exorbitant prices. This year instead of spending lots of money at an over crowded restaurant and driving yourself crazy trying to find a restaurant that has an opening, why not treat your Valentine to a romantic evening at home! Your sweetheart will appreciate all your efforts and with all the money you will be saving, you can splurge on custom candles to enhance the mood for your special Valentine!

First you will need to set the mood for your romantic evening at home. Candles are an easy way to create romance. Here are just a few of the candles that you should consider for creating a romantic atmosphere. Start with tall dinner candles for your table. A set of 4” X 10” pillar candles are perfect for any table. Choose either pink or red tones for a more traditional Valentine centerpiece or you can go with lavender, orchid, or purple that will surely add passion to any Valentine dinner!

To add further drama for your cozy, and intimate dinner why not surprise your Valentine with a custom fireplace candle? A sure way to add romance to your special evening. We offer two different sizes in four different heights. Or you can design your own. You can put 3 or 4 large square custom candles or make your own arrangement. The benefit to our fireplace candles created by is that they last a very long time. They can burn for many, many hours. No need to worry about them melting and creating a horrible mess all over your fireplace (my husband and I just replaced our fireplace candle that we had for over a year and a half ). The two of you will be able to enjoy your fireplace candle for many more romantic evenings to come! We offer our customers 53 colors to choose from, as well as over 400 scents. In a previous post I gave a list of some suggested scents perfect for Valentine’s Day. Scents like “Forget Me Not”, Wine & Roses, Romance, Exotica , Champagne, Egyptian Musk, Chocolate or Patchouli, or Helitrope (which means devotion and faithfulness) all are great mood enhancers. Also popular are the Designer Scents. You can select either a scent that you or your sweetheart wears. Whatever you choose, your Valentine will think of you every time he or she lights their custom candles!

Last, but not least, after dinner surprise your Valentine with a special bubble bath! As your Valentine is sipping the last of his or her champagne, sneak into the bathroom and start the bubble bath. For added romance light candles instead of turning on the lights! I have a small little table besides the tub with a 5” x 5” square gold candle scented with Sage & Chamomile set on it. It’s perfect beside the bath because it won’t fall over easily and helps me relax after a long day of running my little one here and there! Remember to order a set of our 4” X 5” round pillar candles. Set them on coasters and spread them around the tub and bathroom for an extra special touch. We hope that our suggestions and our custom candles will help you to create the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day evening!

giant candles for bathrooms

Pillar Candles With Designer Scents

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What is your favorite Designer Scent? Do you just have one favorite? Or are you like me and like different scents for different occasions? I like pretty bold scents myself but these scents don’t feel right for all occasions. There are times when a softer fragrance is nice. Other times when something sexier and stronger seems right. Well, the same can be said for candle scents and fragrances. In certain rooms you may want a bolder, stronger scented pillar candle, like your bedroom or bathroom. How about a pillar candle scented with Poison Type for women by Christian Dior? This Designer scent is described as being “sensuous, powerful and not for the faint of heart!”. Maybe a nice pillar candle scented with a softer more subtle scent would be appropriate as a gift for your sister-in-law who adores White Linen by Estee Lauder. What makes our custom candle company unique is that we have a whole category dedicated to all of the top Designer scents. So if you have always wanted a Designer scented pillar candle, then go to our Designer scent section and see if we have your favorite!

pillar candles with designer scents