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Order Your Fall Pillar Candles Now!

Nothing feels more like Fall than a maple, burgundy, maize or brown pillar candle. Popular scented candles are “Pumpkin Pie” and “Grandma’s Kitchen”, but you can find hundreds of Fall scents to choose from when you place your order. Order by August 15th to receive your candles by September 1st.

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Citronella Candles Keep Mosquitoes Away

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[caption id="attachment_127" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Mosquitoes are responsibe for more deaths every year than any other animal on the planet."]West Nile Virus Is A Threat Again This Year[/caption]

In spring and summer I love to sit outside in the late afternoons with a good book. But in the late afternoon the pesky mosquitoes also like to come out. So to keep them away, I light several pillar candles scented with Citronella.

If you have mosquitoes, you should read the recent post concerning West Nile Virus that I have posted below. To protect your family from mosquitoes it’s important to stay informed and use a safe insect repellent.

We offer Citronella candles in over 10,000 different combinations of shapes and color, to keep the mosquitoes away. To order just click below and select “Citronella” from our scents:

More info on the West Nile virus and mosquitoes:

Have a fun and safe summer!

Candles And Aromatherapy

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Our sense of smell isn’t necessarily something many of us think about much. Many don’t think that scents can improve our health or make our lives better However, we certainly don’t like it when we smell something bad or offensive. I have always hated the scent of burning toast! That smell seems to always put me in a bad mood! One thing however is for sure! We all have very different likes and dislikes when it comes to our sense of smell.

Most of us have heard the term aromatherapy. But what exactly is aromatherapy? Briefly, aromatherapy is the use of plant oils, including essential oils, for the well-being of ones body, mind and some believe the soul. I am certainly no expert on this topic. So for this post I turned to the internet and found many well written articles on the subject and if you want more information I would suggest you do the same. You may also wish to make a trip to your local library. Many books on this subject have been written and can give you more detailed information.

My interest on this subject began many years ago when I found a unique shop in the famous Pike Street Market in Seattle. The store was filled with lots of jars, ointments, creams, all used for homeopathic cures. This shop called out to me every time I visited Pike’s Street Market. I would go in and browse around and always end up in this one section of the store where there was a large array of essential oils. I would look at the essential oils and read all about what they were supposed to do for you. At first I didn’t have much faith that by using grate fruit oil in my bath that I would feel energized or that by using lavender it would help boost my immune system. However, I quickly became a big believer that the use of scent helped to enrich my life in many ways. Then one great day I discovered that scented candles worked well too!

Unfortunately, many of these candles that I bought were either not made well or after lit for a few months would not emit the fragrance they promised. So when Duane and I decided to start making our own candles, we did a lot of research to find a top quality fragrance company. We are also very particular about the amount of scent we use when making our candles. We want the fragrance to be just as pleasing and fragrant at the end of the candles life as the first time you lit it.

In prior posts I have given suggestions for scents for different rooms and different occasions. What I wanted to do in this post was to share some scents that Aromatherapist’s use to help with different physical and emotional issues. Again, you may or may not believe that they will help cure you of these ailments but hopefully they will raise your spirits and help you feel better!

For those that suffer from Anxiety (and who doesn’t in todays world?) the use of  Bergamot, Cedarwood (we do offer Cedar), and Lavender are recommended. For depression Jasmine, Lavender, and Neroli are suggested. For grief felt by the passing of a loved one, a pet, or at the end of a friendship or relationship Frankincense and Rose may help you cope with this painful sense of loss. Stress seems to be something we all struggle with at some times of our lives. Being parents of an almost 6 year old along with running 3 businesses we often find our selves stressed to the max! Once our little one is down for the night we turn off the lights and light our candle scented with Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang with it’s sweet floral scent and hint of Jasmine not only is considered a potent aid to romance but also is known to help you unwind & relax. You may also wish to try Chamomile, Lavender, Sandalwood, Orange or Cinnamon (these last two are helpful in not only lifting your mood but also can help give you an energy boost). All thought to help calm you down. To help strengthen the immune system you may wish to consider either Lavender, Lemon, and Tea Tree oil (not on our list currently but we can special order it for you). Also know to help lift your spirits and help you get out of your mad mood are Jasmine and Bergamot. Chamomile and Lavender are helpful at bedtime. Eucalyptus, Sage, Basil, Cedar, and Myrrh can be helpful for those who suffer from coughs and bronchial problems. There are certainly many other scents that can help you with your everyday life and help you to feel better. These are just a very few that I have listed. With over 400 scents available we hope you will be able to find the right scent for your home, office, or loved one that can give you a peaceful feeling of well being.

I found the following in an article while doing my research that said that “ Scents affect the way we feel, which isn’t surprising when you consider how we smell. When we breathe in fragrance molecules through our nose, they attach themselves to olfactory sensors that transmit impulses to the brain.” That is pretty easy for most of us to understand. In this same article the author quoted Alan Hirsch, M.D., a neurologist and psychiatrist who heads the Smell & Taste Treatment Center in Chicago. He says “The quickest way to induce an emotional response is through smell”. The author asks us to “think back about how the aroma of pumpkin pie can instantly transport you back to a childhood Thanksgiving and evoke the feelings associated with the memory. Creating Positive feelings and physical changes is what aromatherapy is all about”.

I hope you find these suggestions give you help and guidance in making a scent selection for you or a special person in your life. When life gets to be hectic, overwhelming or just too much, we hope that our candles will help you to relax, breathe & enjoy!

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Quotes from article: “Soothe yourself with good scents: essential oils can help heal body and soul – aromatherapy – includes recipes and safety tips” in Vegetarian Times, Feb, 1995 by Maryann Hammers
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Set The Mood With Custom Candles For A Romantic Valentine Evening!

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Let’s face it, going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day can be both expensive and a headache. Most nice restaurants require reservations made weeks in advance and often offer only pre-fixed dinners at exorbitant prices. This year instead of spending lots of money at an over crowded restaurant and driving yourself crazy trying to find a restaurant that has an opening, why not treat your Valentine to a romantic evening at home! Your sweetheart will appreciate all your efforts and with all the money you will be saving, you can splurge on custom candles to enhance the mood for your special Valentine!

First you will need to set the mood for your romantic evening at home. Candles are an easy way to create romance. Here are just a few of the candles that you should consider for creating a romantic atmosphere. Start with tall dinner candles for your table. A set of 4” X 10” pillar candles are perfect for any table. Choose either pink or red tones for a more traditional Valentine centerpiece or you can go with lavender, orchid, or purple that will surely add passion to any Valentine dinner!

To add further drama for your cozy, and intimate dinner why not surprise your Valentine with a custom fireplace candle? A sure way to add romance to your special evening. We offer two different sizes in four different heights. Or you can design your own. You can put 3 or 4 large square custom candles or make your own arrangement. The benefit to our fireplace candles created by is that they last a very long time. They can burn for many, many hours. No need to worry about them melting and creating a horrible mess all over your fireplace (my husband and I just replaced our fireplace candle that we had for over a year and a half ). The two of you will be able to enjoy your fireplace candle for many more romantic evenings to come! We offer our customers 53 colors to choose from, as well as over 400 scents. In a previous post I gave a list of some suggested scents perfect for Valentine’s Day. Scents like “Forget Me Not”, Wine & Roses, Romance, Exotica , Champagne, Egyptian Musk, Chocolate or Patchouli, or Helitrope (which means devotion and faithfulness) all are great mood enhancers. Also popular are the Designer Scents. You can select either a scent that you or your sweetheart wears. Whatever you choose, your Valentine will think of you every time he or she lights their custom candles!

Last, but not least, after dinner surprise your Valentine with a special bubble bath! As your Valentine is sipping the last of his or her champagne, sneak into the bathroom and start the bubble bath. For added romance light candles instead of turning on the lights! I have a small little table besides the tub with a 5” x 5” square gold candle scented with Sage & Chamomile set on it. It’s perfect beside the bath because it won’t fall over easily and helps me relax after a long day of running my little one here and there! Remember to order a set of our 4” X 5” round pillar candles. Set them on coasters and spread them around the tub and bathroom for an extra special touch. We hope that our suggestions and our custom candles will help you to create the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day evening!

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Pillar Candles With Designer Scents

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What is your favorite Designer Scent? Do you just have one favorite? Or are you like me and like different scents for different occasions? I like pretty bold scents myself but these scents don’t feel right for all occasions. There are times when a softer fragrance is nice. Other times when something sexier and stronger seems right. Well, the same can be said for candle scents and fragrances. In certain rooms you may want a bolder, stronger scented pillar candle, like your bedroom or bathroom. How about a pillar candle scented with Poison Type for women by Christian Dior? This Designer scent is described as being “sensuous, powerful and not for the faint of heart!”. Maybe a nice pillar candle scented with a softer more subtle scent would be appropriate as a gift for your sister-in-law who adores White Linen by Estee Lauder. What makes our custom candle company unique is that we have a whole category dedicated to all of the top Designer scents. So if you have always wanted a Designer scented pillar candle, then go to our Designer scent section and see if we have your favorite!

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Candle Scents, How Do You Choose One?

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Candles are gifts that show how much you care about someone. They truly are the perfect gift for all occasions. And for those of us who love candles, we just can’t seem to ever have too many! However, when it comes to picking out a scent, it can be a difficult task. Mainly, because there are just too many choices to choose from. Over the last 5 years Duane and I have had the pleasure of sampling over 400 scents. And we found that everyone has their own personal favorites. While some people like traditional scents like vanilla, others like the designer scents, and others may prefer one of the feng shui scents, or a sweet floral scent. Even when someone knows what they like or dislike it still can be hard to pick out a scent and even harder still when we need to select a scent for a custom candle that we are giving as a gift.

Below we have listed scents that we have found have wide appeal and will help you make the “perfect”candle scent for you and all your gift giving needs! With new scents being added all the time we will continue to update our blog with new information as well as new favorites we have. So please make sure to come back and check out our blog often!

So, first let’s start with scents that are perfect for a wedding! “Hawaiian Lei” or “Hawaiian Holiday” are perfect for the couple going on a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon. “Tropical” with it’s yummy smell of fruit punch and white floral accents should make any couple want to put on a lei and dance! Just perfect for the couple traveling to their exotic tropical paradise! “Feng Shui Fire” has a spicy cinnamon scent perfect in setting the mood for an intimate evening with promises of exciting and passionate energy. “Ylang Ylang” is the ultimate in floral scents. With a soft and sweet scent and a hint of jasmine it is said to be a potent aid to romance! Also nice are “Champagne”, “Romance”, and “Baby’s Breath . All will paint the perfect images of a happy unity. For a friends wedding a few years ago, Duane and I made a 10″ x 12” blue candle scented with “Romance”. With the candle wrapped in cellophane with a pretty white bow, we went to our favorite wine store and purchased a nice bottle of champagne.

At Gelson’s (our local high end market) we found a CD of romantic music. In the card I wrote out a favorite poem about love and romance along with our best wishes. The happy couple will love the nice touch and thought when they read about why you chose the scent you did or a special poem that you wrote or shared by a favorite poet. This candle is perfect lit on anniversary’s, special romantic occasions, or at any time!

For a Bridal Shower’s you may want to consider “Citrus Basil”. This scent is great in the kitchen. It eliminates and helps hide odors that result from cooking fish, broccoli, bacon & even burnt toast! Scents like Apple Pie, Baked Bread, Banana Nut Bread, Basil, Brown Sugar, Citrus, Mango, Orange Satsuma are perfect for the soon to be married. All when lit give the scent of fresh baked goods that will make the home smell yummy. Again “Baby’s Breath” is perfect for the bride-to-be, “Champagne” to celebrate the couple’s new life together, or Romantic Musk for a scent which is both alluring and sensuous and yet sweet and warm.

For a special birthday gift here are a few areas to consider before you make your selection. To choose a color for a gift, consider the person’s favorite color, the color scheme of their home, their office, or a special room that the candle will go in. If you are not sure what color they may like, than you can select one of the neutral colors like ivory, white, sand, or smoke (a very light gray). As for the scent, think about the person you are giving the candle to. What do they like to do? Do they enjoy relaxing, going to the spa, or sipping a glass of wine? Do they enjoy cooking? Do they like to travel? All of these are good questions to be thinking of when choosing a scent for a family member or friend. Can’t make your mind up? How about “Birthday Cake” ? With the scent of freshly baked birthday cake in the air it will be like celebrating their birthday everyday!

For some practical suggestion, if you are looking for a scent for the kitchen consider “Citrus Basil”. This scent is an ideal choice for the kitchen because it helps to eliminate and hide odors that result from cooking. I light my kitchen candle whenever Duane is cooking fish, bacon, or any other smelly creations that I don’t wish to have lingering throughout the house for days on ends! If you like the scent of baked goods like our dear friend and hairdresser, Kristin, then you may wish to consider “Apple Pie”, “Baked Bread”, “Banana Nut Bread”, or “Carrot Cake” . Kristin’s home always smells so delicious and welcoming! When we go to her home she is always burning her baked good scented candles that she has through out her home. You might consider “Brown Sugar”or “Basil”. My all time favorite is “Grama’s Kitchen”. With it’s creamy vanilla scent and a dash of cinnamon sticks it brings back memories of my Nana’s fresh baked cherry pies and her special hugs!

For Purposeful Candles like outdoor use we can make you a Citronella candle of your choice that will help keep the bugs at bay. If you have a smoker in the family or if you or someone you know has a pet then you may wish to check out our Smoke & Odor Eliminator. This scent is great for removing the smell of smoke inside and out, as well as helping to eliminate pet odors.

We hope that you find our suggestions helpful. If you need some additional guidance or more suggestions please send us an email to or give us a call at (818) 317-4237.
And remember to always Relax, Choose, Breathe & Enjoy!
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