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Candle Scents, How Do You Choose One?

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Candles are gifts that show how much you care about someone. They truly are the perfect gift for all occasions. And for those of us who love candles, we just can’t seem to ever have too many! However, when it comes to picking out a scent, it can be a difficult task. Mainly, because there are just too many choices to choose from. Over the last 5 years Duane and I have had the pleasure of sampling over 400 scents. And we found that everyone has their own personal favorites. While some people like traditional scents like vanilla, others like the designer scents, and others may prefer one of the feng shui scents, or a sweet floral scent. Even when someone knows what they like or dislike it still can be hard to pick out a scent and even harder still when we need to select a scent for a custom candle that we are giving as a gift.

Below we have listed scents that we have found have wide appeal and will help you make the “perfect”candle scent for you and all your gift giving needs! With new scents being added all the time we will continue to update our blog with new information as well as new favorites we have. So please make sure to come back and check out our blog often!

So, first let’s start with scents that are perfect for a wedding! “Hawaiian Lei” or “Hawaiian Holiday” are perfect for the couple going on a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon. “Tropical” with it’s yummy smell of fruit punch and white floral accents should make any couple want to put on a lei and dance! Just perfect for the couple traveling to their exotic tropical paradise! “Feng Shui Fire” has a spicy cinnamon scent perfect in setting the mood for an intimate evening with promises of exciting and passionate energy. “Ylang Ylang” is the ultimate in floral scents. With a soft and sweet scent and a hint of jasmine it is said to be a potent aid to romance! Also nice are “Champagne”, “Romance”, and “Baby’s Breath . All will paint the perfect images of a happy unity. For a friends wedding a few years ago, Duane and I made a 10″ x 12” blue candle scented with “Romance”. With the candle wrapped in cellophane with a pretty white bow, we went to our favorite wine store and purchased a nice bottle of champagne.

At Gelson’s (our local high end market) we found a CD of romantic music. In the card I wrote out a favorite poem about love and romance along with our best wishes. The happy couple will love the nice touch and thought when they read about why you chose the scent you did or a special poem that you wrote or shared by a favorite poet. This candle is perfect lit on anniversary’s, special romantic occasions, or at any time!

For a Bridal Shower’s you may want to consider “Citrus Basil”. This scent is great in the kitchen. It eliminates and helps hide odors that result from cooking fish, broccoli, bacon & even burnt toast! Scents like Apple Pie, Baked Bread, Banana Nut Bread, Basil, Brown Sugar, Citrus, Mango, Orange Satsuma are perfect for the soon to be married. All when lit give the scent of fresh baked goods that will make the home smell yummy. Again “Baby’s Breath” is perfect for the bride-to-be, “Champagne” to celebrate the couple’s new life together, or Romantic Musk for a scent which is both alluring and sensuous and yet sweet and warm.

For a special birthday gift here are a few areas to consider before you make your selection. To choose a color for a gift, consider the person’s favorite color, the color scheme of their home, their office, or a special room that the candle will go in. If you are not sure what color they may like, than you can select one of the neutral colors like ivory, white, sand, or smoke (a very light gray). As for the scent, think about the person you are giving the candle to. What do they like to do? Do they enjoy relaxing, going to the spa, or sipping a glass of wine? Do they enjoy cooking? Do they like to travel? All of these are good questions to be thinking of when choosing a scent for a family member or friend. Can’t make your mind up? How about “Birthday Cake” ? With the scent of freshly baked birthday cake in the air it will be like celebrating their birthday everyday!

For some practical suggestion, if you are looking for a scent for the kitchen consider “Citrus Basil”. This scent is an ideal choice for the kitchen because it helps to eliminate and hide odors that result from cooking. I light my kitchen candle whenever Duane is cooking fish, bacon, or any other smelly creations that I don’t wish to have lingering throughout the house for days on ends! If you like the scent of baked goods like our dear friend and hairdresser, Kristin, then you may wish to consider “Apple Pie”, “Baked Bread”, “Banana Nut Bread”, or “Carrot Cake” . Kristin’s home always smells so delicious and welcoming! When we go to her home she is always burning her baked good scented candles that she has through out her home. You might consider “Brown Sugar”or “Basil”. My all time favorite is “Grama’s Kitchen”. With it’s creamy vanilla scent and a dash of cinnamon sticks it brings back memories of my Nana’s fresh baked cherry pies and her special hugs!

For Purposeful Candles like outdoor use we can make you a Citronella candle of your choice that will help keep the bugs at bay. If you have a smoker in the family or if you or someone you know has a pet then you may wish to check out our Smoke & Odor Eliminator. This scent is great for removing the smell of smoke inside and out, as well as helping to eliminate pet odors.

We hope that you find our suggestions helpful. If you need some additional guidance or more suggestions please send us an email to or give us a call at (818) 317-4237.
And remember to always Relax, Choose, Breathe & Enjoy!
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