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Free Wrought Iron Stands While The Supply Lasts

March 3, 2010 by  
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We are closing out our wrought iron stands and while the supply lasts you can get a free stand to go with your candle. The qualifying sizes of candles are 7″ square and round, 8″ square and round, 10″ square and round. If you place an order for any one of those size candles in any height  from 7 1/2″ or taller we have listed on the website you’ll receive a free stand in either double or single scroll design and in either black or rust color.extra large candle stand made of wrought iron

Don’t wait, we are already out of the 8″ double scroll round rust color stands and have between 2 and 20 left of each of the other sizes so they won’t last long. This is a great chance to get a super high quality wrought iron stand worth $47 to $52 for free.

When placing your order our shopping cart system will not deduct the stand online but please rest assured when we process your order, which we do manually, we will deduct the price of the stand from the total bringing the price down $47 or $52 depending of which stand you have ordered with your candle. The invoice you receive with your order will show the correct amount.

huge candle stand made of wrought ironIf you select a stand that we are out of we will substitute the closest stand we have in stock. Once these are gone they are gone forever.